HLPP 2003: Second International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications

15-17 June 2003, Paris, France

Laboratory of Algorithms, Complexity and Logic


Many applications of computing require performance levels attainable only on parallel architectures. Such systems are now readily available as their price/performance ratio continues to improve. The rapid development of affordable hardware for parallel computing makes the need to develop high-quality parallel software increasingly urgent.

Sequential programming has long benefited from high-level programming techniques and tools that have made today's immense range of software economically viable. Two decades of research into high-level parallel programming has produced methods and tools that improve the price/performance ratio of parallel software, and broaden the range of target applications.

GRIDs offer a tremendous computing power. Nevertheless, this power is far from being effectivly exploited. In addition to technical problems related to portability and access, Grid computing needs new programming paradigms. Research on high level grid programming is particularly promising.

This workshop follows HLPP 2001 and is aimed at

Programme committee

Contact: Frederic Loulergue (LACL)


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Friday 18 April 2003 deadline for submitting papers
Tuesday 20 May 2003 notification of acceptance/rejection
Friday 6 June 2003 deadline for final versions of papers
Sunday 15 June 2003 pre-workshop social/cultural events in Paris
Monday 16 June 2003 Invited lecture by Pr. W.F. McColl, presentation of papers
Tuesday 17 June 2003 presentation of papers; workshop ends at noon

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