The BSMLlib library v 0.2


The BSMLlib library is a functional programming library for the Objective Caml  language for direct-mode BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) algorithms. It has been developped as part of our research program to investigate paradigms for functional parallel programming as special cases of standard semantics. The underlying assumption is that (efficient) parallel algorithms are special cases of (efficient) sequential algorithms and that using concurrent extensions of sequential languages to express them is both useless and harmful.

BSMLlib v 0.2 uses any MPI library. It is portable to any architecture which supports both Objective Caml and an MPI library. This new version has improved primitives, an improved standard library and is faster than version 0.1.

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Sucessfully installed and tested on the following machines (ocaml 3.00 or higher):

Machine Cluster Cluster Sun Ultra 10 Power Mac G4
PC biprocessor Cray T3E-600
OS Mandrake Clic Mandrake 8.2 Solaris MacOS X 10.2.3 RedHat 7.1 UNICOS/mk
Processors Pentium III Pentium III Sun Sparc Power PC 7450 Pentium III Alpha 21164A
MPI MPICH MPICH-GM (Myrinet) LAM 6.5.9 LAM 6.5.9 MPICH & LAM 6.5.8 Cray's